Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Krav Maga Sciocco

Today I posted an April 1st prank on Facebook. Didn't think ANYONE would fall for it but a few did.

Google the word "Sciocco" and see what comes up....

Details below.

Lance Manley
20 hrs · Edited
Hi guys,
Happy to announce that today I moved from KMG to KMS (Krav Maga Sciocco) who are a new club in Coventry, UK. I took their P5 test today and got a score of 99% (lost 1% as apparently my hair grab was a bit over zealous. My partner now has a bald patch). Cost £354 to do their P5 exam but it only lasted 35 minutes and the chief instructor ("Sir" as we call him) has assured me that with the right level of investment I will be an Expert 5 by December next year, provided I can raise the £2500 that the test costs.
Thanks to all the guys who've shared my journey so far with me with KMG, and if you fancy a faster option to get to the higher grades then why not check out Krav Maga Sciocco.
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