Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Jigsaw

As the pieces come together with regard to my training for P4...it's the little things that seem to make a difference. I'm more nervous now than I have been for any of the other gradings and was having severe palpitations over Scissor Kicks and Forward> Backward Rolls.

Finally getting the roll right was a Moment. As was finally managing to kick with the same foot I'd just launched myself off the floor with.

I invested in a mirror last week. Only £10 from Argos and it's a big one that I can prop up against the wall in my bedroom and then practice the moves from the P4 DVD. This has proved invaluable as, with the laptop next to me on the bed, I can copy and repeat the moves until I've got them nailed.

The club I belong to, Krav Maga Midlands, have classes Monday to Friday in one of 6 venues around the area. Last week I went 4 times, this week it's 3 (St Patrick's day intervened) and next week will be 4 again.

We also have a pre-grading workshop on Sunday 23rd March in Stratford-upon-Avon and I might just invest in a private lesson with one of the instructors to really add some shine to the polish.

Overall this is feeling like a huge jigsaw. At the start it was just a mess of shapes, but now I can see the picture emerging as the pieces come together.

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