Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fully Cocked

As the next grading looms ever nearer, like Megatron over the horizon, I find myself unsure of whether to actually grade or not.

I always vowed I'd never go in for one unless I believed I was 100% ready. Reason being that if I train to the max, give it my all and THEN flunk the grading I will merely be upset for a day or two and then jump up, dust myself off and retrain.


At my P3 grading last year both Jon Bullock (Head of KMG UK) and Rune Lind (E4 Examiner) said before we started, "From this point forward it is not about collecting patches. Here's where it gets harder." **

As much as I want that extra bar on the patch on the left leg of my KMM training pants. As much as I know I will feel like solid gold when I pass. As much as I KNOW just how proud I will be...I also know that to go in half cock is a bad idea.

Some people say, "Treat the grading as a day out and a chance to assess what you've learned. Pass or fail it's a stepping stone."

While that may be true, I'm only human and will feel like crap if I fail the grading as that's what human beings do.

So...I've decided that if I'm not ready I'm not going to go for it.

How to make sure one way or the other?


I'm in the wonderful position of belonging to a club that has 6 separate venues and 3 instructors. So on Monday I drive to Banbury to see Russell. Tuesday in Leamington Spa to train with Bartosz. Wednesday Russell again in Rugby, and on Thursday in Coventry with Al.

There's also a pre grading workshop the week before the actual test that I'll be attending.

And just maybe I'll arrange a session of private tuition with one of my instructors to iron out the creases.

There is no shame in failing if you've given it your all. Only if you go in half cocked.


** And Jesus Christ did it!!! My T-shirt resembled a dishcloth after.

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