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Unique Practitioners Part 1: Viesturs Vavere- P2

Practitioner level 2 student Viesturs Vavere is a Christian priest, originally from Latvia. He trains with Krav Maga Midlands and has been a member since 2012. He has some very interesting views on both Krav and its compatibility with his chosen faith.

So, who are you?

I am Viesturs Vavera from the capital of Latvia, Riga.I was born and bred in Riga. I was born on March 4th 1958.

Riga is a very interesting situation. It's like a country in itself. Most of the population is located in Riga. There is a saying that "if you have been in Riga, you have not been in Latvia". Latvia is a very small, tiny country. The population is about 2 million. You compare this with cities like Birmingham where there are 8 million people, or London where there are 10 million. In the last few years most people have emigrated to other countries like Germany and also the United Kingdom.

How long have you been a priest?

I was ordained in 1990, nearly 24 years ago.

What made you decide to become a priest?

I was born and bred in the Soviet Union and at that time people were brainwashed.I was looking for peace of mind so at that time I found it in the church. I decided also that it would be very good for me to become a priest and to preach, so that's the reason.

Why did you choose the Lutheran faith?

My parents belonged to this church and so did I. The second reason is that Lutherans don't have to obey this rule of being celibate. I have a wife and a daughter. The most important thing however, I'm a Christian. We are Christians.

Why England?

I was invited by British citizens of Latvian origin who were residing here since 1947. The previous priest had retired and I was invited to take care of the Latvian congregation in the Midlands.

How many churches do you control?

I conduct services in 7 venues, in Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Catthorpe and Walston. My flock are about 500 people, not many.

What attracted you to become a Krav Maga practitioner?

We live in an increasingly dangerous world and there is a saying "have another day by being safe today." Also a Christian must be able to protect not only his family but also other people who need help. Be ready for things that could happen.

You don't find it strange to be both a priest and a practitioner?

No. First of all a Christian is a warrior. He is not a bed-wetting wimp. A Christian must know how to fight and how to protect people. You don't take what is written in the Bible literally. If you read very carefully the Old Testament, you can see all these prophets and also judges, like King David and also Samson, they were warriors. There is no contradiction.

Do your flock know that you practice Krav Maga?

Yes. They know. They are used to this, they have accepted it.The Bible says our body is a temple of the holy spirit and we must keep it fit. This is very important.God is expecting this from us.

Have you ever had to use what you've learned in Krav Maga to defend yourself outside the lessons?

No, not yet.

Do you think it would be useful if something happened? To protect your loved ones.

Yes, absolutely yes.

Who or what inspires you in this world?

My family and good people and good books. I would say also Krav Maga. Also history. I am going round the country studying the history of England when I have free time. I find the history of this country fascinating.

Would you like to get to E5 in Krav Maga?

Yes, I will try. It depends on whether I am able to peform all these drills and depends on my physical health.

Eyal Yanilov is about 60 and he's Expert level 8/ Master level 3, so I think you'll be OK.

(Laughs) Yes, I hope so.

Final question. What would be your motto for life.

Don't do unto others what doesn't have to be done unto you. 

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  1. Told you. Love the line where he speaks about David and Sanson


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